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The Things We Do To Women

Sex sells. It might be hard to imagine a church harnessing this popular marketing technique for church growth, but that’s exactly what Mark Driscoll did in Seattle in the early 2000s. Whether condemning the Western erosion of manhood or elevating women as Christian pornographic ideals, preaching...


‘I am Jack's Raging Bile Duct’

Mark Driscoll’s vision of manhood indelibly shaped Mars Hill culture. Drawing from his own difficult childhood story, Mark created an ideal for those searching for meaning and direction. Men responded enthusiastically. From “dad talks” about issues about sex, career and family to “holy anger” over a feminized church culture...


Episode 66: Reflecting on Our Lessons from Mars Hill Series

With a new analysis of Mars Hill growing in popularity, the OPYP “Pastoral Lessons from Mars Hill” series has been gaining traction again. It’s been over a year since its initial release and OPYP brothers sit down to reflect on the podcast series.


Inside the Driscoll “Cult” Part II - The Roys Report

From his shuttered church in Seattle to his “cult” in Arizona, author and celebrity pastor Mark Driscoll has taken pastoral entitlement, bullying, and control to new lows. Even after Part 1 of Inside the Driscoll “Cult,” two former members of Driscoll’s security detail have much more to share...


‘You Read the Bible, Ringo?’

Church planting, even under the best of circumstances, always requires grit and determination. Planting in one of the most progressive cities in the US at the turn of the millennium required an abundance of both. But if Mark Driscoll struggled with anything in his ministry, it wasn’t a lack of will...


Pastoral Lessons from Mars Hill Podcast, 8 Part Series

Join Ryan Williams, Dave Bruskas, and Sutton Turner as they reflect on their time at Mars Hill Church in Seattle and share lessons they have learned that can serve other pastors and ministry leaders.